Do You Want High Converting Sales
Funnel Custom Built For You?

Here  Are Some Scary Facts
About Marketing Online

  • The fastest way to make money online is selling your own products or services and making 100% of the profits to yourself. That way you can recruit affiliates to sell for you and pay them commissions.
  • If you are promoting someone else's products, you are like an employee to that person and you only get paid, most of the time, on just the front end offer.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you get paid only on your own effort. In other words you cannot leverage other people's effort. Not a good way to earn money
  • When you are promoting as an affiliate, you are not in control of your business. Simply put, your business is at the mercies of other people. You cannot make more money than the product owner.
  • If you are promoting as an affiliate, you only get paid once for the customer you sent to the product owner while the company makes money from the customer even for many years to come.

What's The Solution?

You Promote Your Own Product. However, this has its own
problem. As An Internet Marketer, It's No Longer Profitable
To Rely On Just One Product. You Need Multiple Products
In A Funnel To Be Able To Make Good Profits Online!

Here's An Even Bigger Problem

As a beginner, it can be almost impossible to create your own product let alone create one that can be profitable. You need to do a lot of research to find an in-demand product idea. You'll need the knowledge and skills required to create a good product and more importantly, you will need a lot of investment and coaching to help you succeed fast.

You Need A High Converting Sales
Funnel To Succeed Fast Online

Why Do You Need A Sales Funnel?

What Is A Sales Funnel?


A “Sales Funnel” is a system that includes a step-by-step process to generate leads and convert leads into sales and repeat sales. A good sales funnel consists of multiple products within the funnel which usually includes a front end (foot in the door) product, upsells, downsells and backend products all designed to make money effortlessly on complete autopilot.

  • So the very first reason why you should need a sales funnel is that relying on only one product doesn't cut it anymore. You need multiple products if you are to make profit and succeed online.
  • With a good sales funnel, you are able to quickly increase your sales revenue without additional work, traffic and effort.
  • A good sales funnel can drastically increase your return on investment and get you making profits from your marketing efforts.
  • Using a sales funnel will increase your customer retention and conversion rate
  • A sales funnel can help predict your sales volume
  • A sales funnel can help identify marketing obstacles and deficiencies

Let Us Help You Setup A System That
Works On Complete AutoPilot Making You
Money Even While You Sleep

When looking for a sustainable way to make money fast on the internet, it makes sense to look for a system that is already proven to work and then just duplicate and implement the system in your business – especially if the system is one that has the potential to make you unlimited amount of hard cash.

Our system is designed to generate leads for you and then convert those leads into buyers effortlessly – EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ASLEEP OR ON A VACATION. It’s a system that has proven over and over again to make money and will continue to make money for many years to come.

We Handle Everything From
Beginning To End

Here's What You Get With Our
Sales Funnel Setup Service

Whether you have your products or not, we can help you setup a highly profitable sales funnel. With our services you'll get everything you need to hit the ground running and making money very quickly.

  • We will setup a WordPress site for you and install a beautiful Theme and essential plugins for the smooth running of your site.
  • We will setup a complete custom made sales funnel for you which includes, lead capture page(s), sales pages, thank you pages, product download pages in addition to sourcing and creating your free lead magnet, front end offers and numerous backend offers including high ticket affiliate offers.
  • We will create all legal pages for your site. This includes Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms pages
  • We will setup your email marketing autoresponder system and write your follow up messages so you can follow up with your leads to make sales and repeat sales.
  • We will setup your JV page for you and help you create marketing and promotional materials i.e. banners and emails for your affiliates. Simply put, we will help you design your affiliate program
  • We will even send you the initial traffic to kickstart your promotion so you can start making money fast with your new funnel
  • All of these plus lots more

Basically, with our business setup service,
you'll be getting a brand new custom made
marketing business designed specifically to
your needs to get you making fast online.

Read What Some Of Our
Customers Are Saying

Daniel Wigg

“Completely hands off, stress free business and funnel setup, product creation and list building too – you would be INSANE not to take Jeffrey up on this at twice the price”

Daniel Wigg, Imnik.Com
Niranjan Ranade

“Jeff is a good teacher and offers quality products and services. I had ordered the “Done for you” Business Setup Service and he delivered it well within promised time with a conversion rate of $47%. I look forward to buying more stuff from him in future to build my list and to grow my Business :)”

Niranjan Ranade, Niranjanranade.Com