Facebook Advertising Setup

Drive Traffic To Your Website With
Facebook PPC Advertising

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users around the world, and more than 50% of them log in daily.  The real power that Facebook puts in the hands is the ability to target a very specific audience more accurately than any other mass media. Running quality and successful Facebook Advertising campaign is a mix of targeting science and the art of connecting the right audiences with the right messages. Let us help you drive targeted traffic to your website using Facebook PPC advertising.

How Does It Works?

If you are not using Facebook Ads yet, or if your experience of using this marketing tool is far from expectations then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. With Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising done properly, you can quickly drive traffic, build your list and make money fast online. Also, if you are looking to drive sales fast for your network marketing and affiliate products, Facebook ads is the fastest way to do it.

Let us help you to drive traffic to your
website using Facebook Advertising.

NOTE: Campaign setup includes creating
and testing your images.

  • We will properly setup your Facebook ads campaign for higher conversion
  • We will research your target audience and target your campaigns to the right audience
  • We will prepare and test several variations of your campaigns to identify the highest converting one.
  • Once your campaign is setup, we will monitor and optimize it for one month
  • We can use our Facebook account or use yours for the campaign
  • We will provide you a full report at the end of every week for four weeks

Note: The Price Below Is For Campaign Setup.
You’ll be required to pay for the advertising separately
after we completed the setup.

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